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"Generating our advertising material is very easy with EasyBull 2.0."

EUROgenetik EWIV

"With data management through EasyBull, we can create high-quality and comprehensive advertising materials quickly and efficiently."

Alois Wüst
Select Star SA

"Thank you for the professional design and implementation."

Rinderzucht Tirol

"We are very happy with the design and functionality of the products, but above all with the friendly and readily available customer service."

Rinderunion Baden Württemberg e. V.

"Our new bookmark function makes it easy to find your preferred bull."

J. Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

"Thank you for a clear and concise website."

CRI Genetics Vertriebsges. GmbH

"Our products are perfectly set in scene through an individual connection."

RBB Rinderproduktion Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH

"Our website is perfectly optimised for any device."

Alpengenetik eG

"Thanks to EasyBull, our bull data is always up-to-date."

Rinderbesamungs Genossenschaft Memmingen eG

"With EasyBull & EasyWebCMS, bull data is perfectly showcased."


"Generate up-to-date advertising material with EasyBull."

Besamungsstation Perkohof

"With EasyBull and EasyWebCMS, we can keep content up-to-date more easily than ever before."

Besamungsstation Greifenberg

"Create up-to-date advertising material with EasyBull."

Verein Ostfriesischer Stammviehzüchter eG

"We can create different advertising materials with EasyBull."

Qnetics GmbH

"All individual advertising materials are easily created with EasyBull."

RinderAllianz GmbH

"Create up-to-date advertising material with EasyBull."

Rinder-Union West eG

"EasyBull saves us a lot of time."

Besamungsgenossenschaft Marktredwitz - Wölsau eG

"With EasyWebCMS, EasyBull and EasyBoar, we are perfectly equipped for our web content."

Bayern-Genetik GmbH

"We can create print data at the touch of a button."

Mag. Peter Kreuzhuber
geneticAUSTRIA GmbH

"With EasyBull 2.0, we can generate advertising material at the touch of a button."

CRV Deutschland GmbH

"Catalogues and print data generated easily via a web browser."

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