Zweckverband II für künstliche Besamung der Haustiere

The insemination station was founded in March 1948. At the time, the founders chose the legal form of a special-purpose association, as the sponsors of the station were the district of Landsberg and the municipalities of the district. The Zweckverband II for artificial insemination of domestic animals Greifenberg was founded in 1965. The sponsors of this special-purpose association are the municipalities of the Landsberg district, the Landsberg district, the Mindelheim special-purpose association, the Free State of Bavaria and the Weilheim and Kaufbeuren breeding associations. The participating organisations delegate members of the Associaton to the Association Assembly, which consists of 48 members. The Association Chairman and his deputy are elected from the Association Assembly. The Association Committee consists of the two chairmen as well as another 8 Association councillors who are delegated to the committee. The Association Committee is the working body that determines the actions of the station.


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