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The Bauer Insemination Station has been located in Tegernau on the outskirts of Wasserburg am Inn since 1952. The building houses around 35 bulls on the station - the only remaining dairy insemination station in Bavaria. The same number of bulls are in waiting on various agricultural farms. Although the smallest insemination station in Bavaria for a long time, they continue to operate economically completely independently. However, since 1995, they have been working closely with the Munich-Grub insemination station - now Bayern-Genetik GmbH - in bull procurement. The result of this cooperation is a broad range of Fleckvieh top genetics, both from tested old bulls and genomic young sires, which they can offer to their breeders and insemination customers.

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Easybull 2.0 is also in use here, with this software, current data sheets can be generated at the touch of a button. This keeps the website, catalogs, and lists up to date.


The system is easy and fast to use.

Website & EasyBull 2.0


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